Beastly Leather of Atlanta

Beastly Leather

Since 2008 I've been providing high quality handcrafted leather goods to artists, hipsters, rock stars, monks, authors, travellers, soldiers, and at least one movie star. I'm proud to say that I've shipped my crafts everywhere from the Great White North to the Great and Powerful Oz, from the Pacific Coast to the Pacific Rim, Amsterdam to New York, to abbeys, Air Force bases, estates, and the occasional seedy basement apartment.

I GUARANTEE that every item I sell was made entirely by me, by hand, right here in Atlanta, GA, USA. I'm not the American face of some third world tradesman, I'm not buying pre-fab kits to slap together and overcharge you for, and I'm not running any piece of any item through any machine and telling you it's handmade.

All my goods are cut, carved, tooled, stained, and stitched entirely by hand from my own designs. Using only high quality full-grain veg-tanned tooling leather for all my exteriors, eco-friendly dyes, stains and finishes, and natural fiber stitching, I create heirloom quality durable leather accessories. Mass produced and machine stitched goods simply cannot compare.

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